About Dr. Pamela Ryan

“In my decades as a parliamentarian, university professor, practising lawyer, book publisher, and activist in Canada and around the world for women’s health issues and democratic development, I have only met one person with the unique combination of talents, energy, and intelligence of Pamela Ryan, and that is Pam herself. Working with her across a broad range of public policy initiatives, from the creation of Psychology Beyond Borders for survivors of traumatic global events to political analysis programs on the evolution of democracy to publishing her memoir Magic Carpet Flying, the two things that stand out are Pamela Ryan’s integrity and concern for the human condition.”

Dr. J. Patrick Boyer, QC – Former Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs; National Defence; Industry, Science and Technology; Consumer & Corporate Affairs; Editor-at-large, Dundurn Publishing, Canada


Pamela’s sharpened focus on impact is new, but she has been positively impacting the world for over two decades. In the late 1990’s she founded global research institute, Issues Deliberation Australia / America generating a formidable body of work on Aboriginal reconciliation, Australia’s constitutional future, human rights law, parliamentary reform, the psychology of fear and terror, and Muslim relations. In the early 2000s, she founded Psychology Beyond Borders, a pioneering international NGO dedicated to the study and relief of the psycho-social impact of disasters acts of terror and war. Pamela founded and has chaired the Tingari-Silverton Foundation since its inception in 2001, which supports positive impact initiatives in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia and the United States. Since 2011, Dr. Ryan has managed the Everywhen Capital Group of business ventures and investments.

Dr. Ryan was born in Broken Hill, a remote Australian mining town. She graduated from the University of Adelaide’s Applied Psychology program and practiced as a psychologist in Australia before moving to Austin, Texas in the mid 1980s. In 1994, she earned her Doctorate from the University of Texas. Her research on the psychology of decision-making in the US venture capital industry won an international Academy of Management Best Paper Award. Dr. Ryan sustains her strong ties to academia as a Research Fellow at both the Universities of Texas and South Australia. She has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate for her work, inducted into the Women’s Honour Role of South Australia and listed in Who’s Who of Australian Women. Dr. Ryan was also awarded the Order of Australia Medal for her contribution to Australia and the field of psychology. She also earned her private pilot’s license. Dr. Ryan shares her time between Australia and the USA. She has two daughters who are daily affirmation of our responsibility to be positive impactors (mindful ancestors) for the generations to come.

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