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Pamela Ryan, PhD, is an international change maker with the rare ability to envision multiple possible global futures at once. Combine that capacity with her holistic mind, global connections, academic credentials, and resonance with people living in challenging predicaments, and the result is a powerhouse for positive impact around the globe — and none too soon, as humankind hurls towards a perilous future and the planet buckles under escalating pressure.

A licensed psychologist in her birth country, Australia, for 30 years and a dual citizen of Australia and the USA, Dr. Ryan’s unique skill set and diverse experiences have been applied in psychosocial, business and political arenas around the world. Today, Dr. Ryan is committed to facilitating net positive impacts. Understanding that the new normal cascade of catastrophic weather events signals an existential threat to humanity, she radiates hope. She facilitates audiences, readers, and change makers around the world to envision how our futures could unfold differently — if and only if we identify pivotal actions that can redirect our trajectories.

Her latest book, the award-winning Amazon best seller, Impact Imperative, is an inspiring guide to more optimal futures. Dr. Ryan shares insights from 130+ impact changemakers on how to navigate the challenges ahead. It exudes a sense of the active purpose it will take to positively impact which future eventuates for humanity and the earth. This reading adventure is the product of Pamela’s travels to find change makers enacting positive impacts around the world — a five year global research project that included a partnership with the Institute For The Future in Palo Alto, California. Forbes selected Impact Imperative for its Lead with Love list: “Twelve Books to Build Compassionate Leadership Capacity”and Dr. Ryan was featured as one of eight honorees of the Annual Compassionate Leaders Circle Awards for 2021.

“Pam Ryan is an exceptional and remarkable person with a combination of intelligence and empathy. She is a force for good in the advancement of humankind in a challenging world.”

Bob Hawke – Former Prime Minister of Australia

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