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Pamela’s unique skill set and diverse experiences as a psychologist, business manager, social entrepreneur,and author/educator have been applied to “thinking, making and doing” in psychosocial, business and public policy arenas around the world. Living between two+ countries for almost 3 decades has fostered Pamela’s capacity to build bridges among peoples, organisations, ideas. With a Ph.D. from one of the top public Business Schools in the world, the consistent theme throughout her career has been the psychology of decision-making – from the individual to the collective, to the global.

Pamela is known as a practical visionary who loves to tackle difficult challenges through asking provocative questions, designing processes to facilitate informed, creative decision-making; and co-creating innovative, actionable, impactful strategies. Pamela uses process to bridge the local and the global, the private sector and the public sector, the for-profit and not-for-profit, the individual and the collective. Pamela bridges these worlds in ways that are inclusive, ensuring the quiet, the disadvantaged, and the marginalized have a voice.

Pamela practices process design and co-creation as a business manager and strategist, an author, educator and public speaker, and in her work in social entrepreneurship. For her achievements in these arenas, Pamela has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of South Australia, inducted into the Women’s Honour Role of South Australia, and presented the Order of Australia Medal for her service to Australia in the field of psychology.

“Pam Ryan is an exceptional and remarkable person with a combination of intelligence and empathy. She is a force for good in the advancement of humankind in a challenging world.”

Bob Hawke – Former Prime Minister of Australia

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Dark-Red-Globe  Business Manager, Strategist

Dark-Red-Globe  Public Policy Advocate

Dark-Red-Globe Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Dark-Red-Globe Author, Educator, Speaker