Beyond Beliefs: Muslims & Non-Muslims in Australia

Awarded a Silver Screen Award in the overall judging and the 2009 IQ One World Award at the US International Film and Video Festival. Click here for more information or view the trailer below.

Beyond Fear: Finding Hope in the Horror

A film exploring the psychological impact of fear and terror through the eyes of those who have suffered and those whose job it is to help them manage their everyday fear and terror. Click here for more information or view the trailer below.

Without Prejudice: A story about Australians confronting Reconciliation

During the Australia Deliberates: Reconciliation – Where from Here? Deliberative Poll held in Canberra in 2001, a film crew followed several participants and captured a significant part of the proceedings. The video was combined with extracts of the television broadcast and sequences recorded in the regional forums before the Deliberative Poll in Canberra to produce a 64‑minute record of the event.