Impact Imperative

Published by Greenleaf Books, Fall 2019

Amazon Best Seller in 5 categories including Environmental Economics, Sustainable Development Economics, Sustainable Business Development and Green Business

March 2021 – Featured title on the Lead with Love reading list as a book to build compassionate leadership

2020 Gold Medal Award Winner – Axiom Business Book Awards (Philanthropy/Nonprofit/Sustainability)

Impact Imperative explores the likely realities facing our planet and humanity for the next few decades. We are, as author Dr. Pamela Ryan urges, at a pivotal moment in history, for Humanity, for Earth. Individuals, organizations, and investors are doing immense good, but extraordinary challenges are enveloping the planet, threatening life and humanity itself: escalating extreme weather events, shifting global population and power balances, widening socioeconomic disparities, and rising tensions among extremists and mainstream populations.

Impact Imperative stems from consultations with over 130 professionals in the burgeoning impact innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment space. As Dr. Ryan shares insights from these impact innovators about how we can meet these challenges in the next few decades and beyond, she encourages readers to think about how our own consequential actions in the present can propel us — individually and collectively — toward more optimal futures. Or increasingly destructive futures.

“I have known Dr. Pamela Ryan most of my life. We earned our PhDs together at the University of Texas at Austin. Pam has stood out as someone who has always been concerned about others, especially women, and social issues, and who has been making a difference to others in her work as a psychologist, social entrepreneuer, venture funder, and author. She has been a future thinker since I have known her, with great insight about where the world is heading. Her admonitions are well-founded and the picture she pains if we do not all do something starting NOW, are not the stuff of science fiction, but are well-researched and well-reasoned…In this book, she makes a compelling case for why each and every one of us needs to act now if we are to have a positive impact on our future; the alternative is dire. Despite its weighty topic, this book is easy and fascinating to read. It is a compelling call to action that no thinking person, after reading it, can ignore. We all need to become positive impactors. What kind of future do you want for yourself and your progeny? Dr. Ryan’s book helps you answer that question. Run to your nearest bookstore and get this book! You cannot afford not to.”

Professor dt ogilvie, Distinguished Professor of Urban Entrepreneurship and Former Dean and Professor of Business Strategy at Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology

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Magic Carpet Flying

Published by Blue Butterfly Books/Dundurn Publishers 2009

Author, Publisher, Dr. Patrick Boyer said: “Pamela Ryan was born to write and to fly.” In her memoir, Magic Carpet Flying, Pamela shares the highs and lows of her own life, from summits of joy to depths of despair. “Magic carpet ride” is a natural metaphor for Dr. Ryan; she is a licensed pilot who loves to soar in single engine planes.

As the narrator of her own life, Dr. Ryan shares her divergent experiences — finding meaning in darkness and fully experiencing loss and despair in ways that can illuminate the way forward.

She takes readers along in her humanitarian journey to the outback of Aboriginal Australia, to traumatized women in war-splayed Africa, to earthquake shattered Haiti or the dark depths of Ground Zero in New York. In the process, she helps us connect with a broader humanity, our global family. Dr. Ryan invites readers to create their own magic carpet rides. She inspires readers to embrace both the magical and the dark moments, to connect with others as we navigate the journey, and join her in the ride as Pilots in Command of our own destinies.

In doing so, Dr. Ryan has touched upon what it means to be fully alive.

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