Magic Carpet Flying

magic copy ride imageMagic Carpet Flying was written to inspire people to fly through life. In it, Dr. Pamela Ryan shares with us the highs and lows of her own life using her joy and knowledge of flying, and the “magic carpet ride” as a metaphor.

Published by Blue Butterfly Books, Magic Carpet Flying follows Dr. Ryan’s travels from the summits of joy to the depths of despair. For her, life is about embracing every aspect of the journey: the soaring and the plummeting.

From a childhood in outback Australia to her work and travels in Africa, Asia and troubled parts of the world, Dr. Ryan is not afraid to go to the darkest of places, from mental illness and suicide, to natural disasters and man-made conflict.

She invites us to make our own carpet ride magical. She explores what it is to live “truth”; to make ourselves up as we go along; to be the “Pilot in Command” of our own destiny; to prepare for whatever the universe dispenses.

Dr. Ryan reveals through her own journey, how we can fly through life by embracing the mind, body and spirit; finding meaning and light in the darkness; and fully experiencing loss and despair in ways that can illuminate the way forward.

In doing so, Dr. Ryan has touched upon what it means to be fully alive.

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